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About Lovalù...

by Valentina Lo Criti 10 Jul 2020 0 Comments


A little LOVely story...

The founder and designer Valentina Lo Criti start her small and Lovely adventure in 2015 from a fervent creativity: enter into the everyday life of each and give with a smile brushstrokes of color and magic.

Each Lovalù product aims to give a touch of happiness with environmentally conscious products and innovative materials. This philosophy has led to a brand that is committed to respecting the environment with products that offer the WOW factor but competitive price.
Our goal is to make life more colorful.

Today this small dream is found in 45 countries around the world reaching all continents and more than 5000 houses in small towns or large cities.

The Lovalù collection includes series of prints on canvas and on paper, stickers and wallpapers for walls, home decorations and a rich series of photographic backgrounds for small artisans.

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Lovalù: Every Love is a story!

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