• Get into the LOVlab

    Get into the LOVlab
    Three friends, Two regions, A great passion for creativity. All this inside a small workshop in the Sicilian countryside on a hot summer day. This led to a joyful meeting with the food blogger Federica Balli by @asgoodaswecan & Rita Scarpinato, the illustrator of @writeitonthewall. Ideas, projects and planning for a new year full of exciting adventures. I leave you to this video shot...
  • Welcome

      The Lovalù Blog is born today, so... unexpectedly as all beautiful things happen. What will we talk about? It will be a creative Agorà, with styling ideas & tips, tutorial and news. From time to time we will devote ourselves to sweetness with easy recipes for dummies like me but what wants to be the goal is to be only a little together in a warm virtual hug where...
  • About Lovalù...

    About Lovalù...
      A little LOVely story...The founder and designer Valentina Lo Criti start her small and Lovely adventure in 2015 from a fervent creativity: enter into the everyday life of each and give with a smile brushstrokes of color and magic. Each Lovalù product aims to give a touch of happiness with environmentally conscious products and innovative materials. This philosophy has led to a brand that is...
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